Weneetryhl was first created by Paul Arne Kring in 1969 and was heavily inspired by the movie BARBARELLA. The first few stories were drawn in a YELLOW SUBMARINE psychadelic style, for the enjoyment of PAK and his friends. While PAK actually ended up drawing a 100 page book in the early 70’s, he lost interest in the character and began pursuing other interests.

After taking a 35 year long break from the character and a 16 year hiatus from comics, having created a female detective BOLETTE HANSEN in the late 80’s, PAK felt the need to get back into comics. Being a huge fan of BARB WIRE and Lara Croft, he remembered his old heroine Weneetryhl and decided to revive the character in 2007.

As the character had been put on ice for 35 years, he decided that she had been placed in liquid nitrogen for 35 years herself and having previously existed in the year 25.025 (based on the Seeger & Evans song ”In the Year 2525”) she was revived into the year 25.060, which was also the name of the first album in the new series.

Though the story was supposed to be a one-off, the ideas started pouring out and suddenly this radically thinking heroine, out of her time, woke up in a society that she helped create, while it in turn doesn’t know what to make of her.

Weneetryhl and all samples thereof are ©Paul Arne Kring.

Paul Arne Kring signing.
Photo: Carsten Olsen ©Art Bubble

Paul Arne Kring and Bjørk Friis take top honours at Claus Deleuran awards!

Tegneseriecentralen's very own Paul Arne Kring and Bjørk Matias Friis brought home the coveted Claus Deleuran industry award on Wednesday. Paul Arne Kring won "Best Danish Comics Author 2019" for Bolette Hansen, while Bjørk Matias Friis brought home a "Best Danish...

Paul Arne Kring and Bjørk M Friis nominated for industry award

Paul Arne Kring and Bjørk Matias Friis have been nominated for their works "Bolette Hansen" and "Tall Tales of Midgard, vol. 3" respectively. Mr. Kring's Bolette Hansen was originally published in the 80's and was rereleased in 2019 by Forlaget Fabel in a delightful...

Tegneseriecentralen – New Danish comics agency debuts at TCAF

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After being revived from a
35 year slumber, Weneetryhl
finds that she no longer knows
the world she helped create.
Instead, she choses to explore
the galaxy and soon finds
herself in trouble.

Having traveled the galaxy together,
Weneetryhl and Ploid Spuni once again
find themselves in a precarious situation –
Stranded in the cretaceous, they must
locate a rescue beacon and more
importantly, avoid getting eaten by
roaming dinosaurs.

Having crashed on a water
logged planet, Weneetryhl
meets a fellow crash survivor,
Ploid Spuni, who has already
been causing trouble with the
fanatically religious population
of the strange city in the sea.

Copenhagen in the 1920’s is just as roaring as the famed NY century. Bolette Hansen is a crime novelist, who suddenly finds herself caught up the criminal underground of the danish capital.
Originally published by Ekstrabladet newspaper in the 80’s, it was recently rerealsed in a collected 3 story edition. 

“This is why comics are made. Trippy. Awesome. Perfect. And funny as all hell! Plus art that you want to hang on your wall!”
The Fillbach Brothers

Cadaver Dogs of Winter - Captain Freebird - Star Wars: Clone Wars

Danish Art Foundation: Translation Fund

If you wish to publish a work by Paul Arne Kring, please note, that government grants for translation fees upon publication can be applied for by publishers wishing to publish a work translated from Danish. Grants may also be applied for to cover production costs for illustrated works. Applications are welcome from foreign publishers wishing to publish a work translated from Danish.

Deadlines: February 15th and August 15th.