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Tom Kristensen

Tom Kristensen is an illustrator and occasionally award winning comic creator from the magical realm of Denmark. He works out of the studio Kulkælderen, Copenhagen. His books include Deadboy, Made Flesh, Martin (biographic comic about Martin Luther and the reformation of the Catholic Church) and in 2018 the romantic horror comic Fandenivoldsk (Hellbent). He holds his breath while he draws.

 All illustrations used here ©Tom Kristensen

“Made Flesh” is a beast of a book!
Teddy Kristiansen

Illustrator, "House of Secrets" - "The Red Diary"

Kramhøft and Kristensen’s MADE FLESH is a classic, chilling ghost story, with a visceral, modern twist.
John Reppion

Conspiracy of Ravens - Sherlock Holmes

Tom Kristensen, Claus Deleuran winner – best Danish colorist 2018.
Photo: ©Tegneseriecentralen
Tia and Jack – Jack and Tia. A match made in the Circus Panopticon and brutally murdered on the day of their wedding. But true love is hard to kill – and when the gods decide to enter the fray- Jack and Tia are ready to play.
The death of Michael’s father forces him to return to his childhood home. As the memories threaten to overwhelm him, a sinister secret is reveled. One that threatens not just him, but everyone he loves.

Danish Art Foundation: Translation Fund

Please note, that government grants for translation fees upon publication can be applied for by publishers wishing to publish a work translated from Danish. Grants may also be applied for to cover production costs for illustrated works. Applications are welcome from foreign publishers wishing to publish a work translated from Danish.

Deadlines: February 15th and August 15th.