Savner du noget at læse i sommerferien kan du roligt tage til @woodstock_roskilde og købe Åben hjertet af @nicolas_keramidas.
Du kan også købe en masse dejlig musik og måske en tegneserie mere.

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Tusind tak til @statenskunstfond for støtten til arbejdet for at fremme danske tegneserier internationalt.

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One of the UK's best comic book stores stock signed copies of @bjoerkfriis Tall Tales of Midgard from @sourcepointpress. @pagefortyfive has them in great company right by the door when you get in and you can order online as well.

Show Bjørk some love and buy your copy today.

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Bjørk Matias Friis

Bjørk Matias Friis is an award winning cartoonist and creator of Tall Tales of Midgard. He won the ‘Best Danish Comics Artist’ industry award – Claus Deleuran – in 2020 for his work on Midgårdsskrøner – Tall Tales of Midgard.

“Tall Tales of Midgard is an attractive book; good, suitable art style, great visual storytelling and a nice mixture of a mythic basis, heroic adventure and humour.”

Bryan Talbot

Tale of One Bad Rat - Adventures of Luther Arkwright - Grandville and many, many more

“With whimsical artwork and a wonderful and warm palette, Tall Tales of Midgard drew me in and within a short time, I fell in love with the characters.”

Sara Richard

My Little Pony - The Ghost and the Owl

Patrick Cornelis

Patrick Cornelis is a Belgian cartoonist who’s made a name for himself as a master of horror in the American style.

Lars Kramhøft

Lars Kramhøft is an award winning author and cartoonist. His work covers multiple themes and topics, ranging from YA multiverse jumping to toxic masculinity and social dilemmas.

“Made Flesh” is a beast of a book!
Teddy Kristiansen

Illustrator, "House of Secrets" - "The Red Diary"

Tom Kristensen

Tom Kristensen is an award winning cartoonist, who has worked on a wide range of childrens books, biographies and horror comics.

Yan Gevuld

Yan Gevuld is a Belgian cartoonist and the creator of the Grueson series – a crossover between the Adams Family and the Million-dollar Man.

Lars Jakobsen

Lars Jakobsen is the creator of the popular and widely published series Mortensen’s Escapades and the weekly strip Ganske Vist – about life in a chicken coop.

Árni Beck Gunnarsson

Agent - Translator

My goal is simple – to promote what I think are good comics and to help creators, who have little or no time to promote their works internationally.
I am the Danish translator of the highly acclaimed Mouse Guard series by David Petersen, ApocalyptiGirl by Andrew Maclean, Icelandic translator of Mortensen’s Escapades by Lars Jakobsen as well as being the English language translator of Arminius: The Battle of Teutoburg and The Mountains Ablaze by Jacob Thybo and Tall Tales of Midgaard by Bjørk Matias Friis.

If you are looking for representation in Denmark, or internationally, feel free to contact me and I will get back to you within 10-15 business days.

Contact Tegneseriecentralen

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Danish Arts Foundation: Translation Fund

If you wish to publish a work by a Danish creator, please note, that government grants for translation fees upon publication can be applied for by publishers wishing to publish a work translated from Danish. Grants may also be applied for to cover production costs for illustrated works. Applications are welcome from foreign publishers wishing to publish a work translated from Danish.

Deadlines: February and September